Celebrate Family Life

Family Life | Eko Pearl Towers

As a top destination for luxury living in Eko Atlantic, Eko Pearl offers you and your family a secure and peaceful environment. We believe in families and we want you to celebrate yours, while enjoying an all-inclusive residential experience like no other. The project is built following the latest technological construction innovations with contemporary inspired design quality and interior.

At Eko Pearl we know how important it is for you that your children live in the most convenient satisfying conditions. Eko Pearl guarantees a relaxing and inspiring living experience, where you can rest assured that your children are safe at all times. it’s a community that provides you with the highest level of safety measures. It is equipped with large green areas and playgrounds where your family can enjoy their time and laughter while playing and embracing nature.

You can also indulge in the oceanfront views, convenience and comfort at all times, through a variety of leisure-related activities and destinations. In addition, the Towers are just less than 500 meters away from the financial center of Lagos. The location is close enough not to endure long drives to work, but far enough to enjoy the splendor of quiet living.

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