The Great Wall of Lagos

The Great Wall of Lagos | Eko Pearl Towers

Eko Atlantic City rises on an island, and the Great Wall of Lagos is being constructed to secure the city, while providing it with a private and safe appeal. Everyone living or working there will enjoy a serene experience.

The Great Wall of Lagos is eight kilometers long, and is being constructed according to the highest standards of marine engineering available in the world. An international team of experts tested its steadiness under the pressure of extreme wave conditions. The wall splits into twelve diverse layers of rock which shaped this huge structure, most of it lies between seven and eleven meters underwater.

It is constructed with 100 000 concrete blocks interlocked to structure a strong barrier against the waves, to protect the city from the forces of the ocean. The wall consists of a rock core, a secondary rock armor, a primary concrete armor unit and a foundation layer of rock which supports the concrete crest elements that finally complete the revetment.

The Great Wall, taking its shape, rises six meter above the surface of the sea at this stage. Once the wave wall is done, its strong sea resistance barrier will be reinforced with a coat of rocks.

The Great Wall of Lagos is a state-of-the-art piece of construction that will bring security to the entire city. The residents of Eko Atlantic City can be reassured and are safe from the ocean and live in peace at all times.

Lagos, Nigeria: A perfect destination for living on the rise!

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