Lagos, Nigeria: A perfect destination for living on the rise

Lagos | Nigeria | Perfect Destination | Eko Pearl Towers

Lagos is Africa’s first and largest city, which is still expanding rapidly and grew to become the most populous metropolitan area in the country. It is  a destination where residential houses, business activities and entertainment blend. It is divided into two main areas: The Island and The Mainland. Perfect for business and family experiences, Lagos remains the financial centre of the country. With Eko Atlantic City being currently built, the city will surely become a reference for investors and real estate trends.

The city has two main seasons, a rainy one and a dry one.

Recently,  the Great Wall of Lagos is being constructed to protect the shore lines of Victoria Island from erosion, and Eko Atlantic City from the battering waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

As for the education, all children are offered basic education, with the Primary, Junior Secondary School, Senior Secondary School and University levels.

Sports are a big thing in Nigeria, Football being the most popular of them, followed by cycling. The Super Eagles, the Nagerian national football team and the Cycology Riding Club are followed by millions of fans.

Concerning transportation, Lagos has one of the largest and most extensive road networks in West Africa. It has trains, ferry services and a bus rapid transit system.

More importantly, Lagos provides medical facilities at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, with many hospitals and medical services. The system is divided into public and private sectors.

When it comes to entertainment industries and diversity Lagos shines. The Nigerian music scene spans across different styles like hip hop, highlife, juju, fuji and Afrobeats which emerged from Lagos itself. As for the film industry, Lagos is the center of the film industry with many motion pictures being shot there.

Every year, amazing festivals are held providing the best entertainment a tourist can have. Sandy beaches by the Atlantic ocean and a variety of hotels bring comfort after the celebrations.

Lagos Nigeria is definitely a melting pot of cultures and traditions, offering residents an all-inclusive beautiful experience in  all sectors to make people from all ages and backgrounds smile and live happily.

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