Nigeria: A melting pot that unites people

Nigeria Unites People | Eko Pearl Towers

Nigeria is a country characterized by its cultural and ethnic diversity. It is a melting pot that gathers various traditions and cultural attributes.

A demographic blend:
Nigeria is located on the western coast of Africa, where over 521 languages and over 250 dialects and ethnic groups coexist, with English being the most spoken language in the country.
Christianity and Islam are the two main religions in Nigeria. Muslims are generally located in the northern area of the country, while Christians in the Middle Belt and southern region.

A unique culinary culture:
When it comes to food, Nigeria’s delicious Yam and Cassava as well as vegetable soups and maize are famous unique traditional culinary creations. Meat and green peas are also popular in Nigeria, and the food is mostly spicy in the western and southern part of the country.

A world of entertainment:
Entertainment in Nigeria is spread across different disciplines and satisfies various tastes.
“Nollywood” is the term used to describe the Nigerian film industry, which is renowned in the region due to its use of western references and influences from international cinematic works.
TheĀ  Nigerian music and its diverse genres like hip hop, highlife, juju, fuji and Afrobeats which emerged from Lagos itself, are celebrated worldwide and heard by millions across the globe.
Nigeria is also known for its various masquerades in which people wear different kinds of wooden masks that reflect the country’s traditions to celebrate their traditions.

Nigeria is indeed a melting pot that unites people through a wide array of cultures, traditions and activities, which makes it a great place to be.

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