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Lagos offers you a wide selection of restaurants that span across different food cultures to guarantee you enjoy a diversified and rich culinary experience. Here is a list of 10 of the most reputable and best restaurants to go to in Lagos.

1-Ocean Basket:
Ocean Basket is a first class seafood restaurant that is praised by everyone who eats there. It provides you with an exotic menu of delicious creations at an affordable prices.

2-The Bungalow Restaurant:
If you want to enjoy an extensive menu with a nice setting, The Bungalow is definitely a great place to be. It offers a wide choice of exotic meals from seafood to chicken and sushi.

3-Zenith Water Margin Chinese Restaurant:
One the best Chinese cuisine restaurants in Lagos, Zenith Water Margin brings an exquisite taste of the Chinese culture. It’s menu is rich in authentic delicacies and the mood is charming and beautiful.

Metisse is the only Pan Asian  restaurant in the city, which is the first reason why you have to consider it. With a menu that brings you an Asian fusion experience, Metisse is a perfect choice to live a different culinary journey.

5- The Yellow Chill:
The Yellow Chill differentiates itself among other restaurants in Lagos. Its concept is based on offering traditional African dishes with a twist. Many of its dishes are unconventional and feature an interesting blend of tastes.

6- Crossroads:
One of the most reputed Mexican restaurants in Lagos, Crossroads bring an authentic taste from Mexico, all the way to Africa. With its diversified menu and pleasant atmosphere, Crossroads is a must visit for Mexican and spicy food fans.

7- Eko Sky Restaurant & Lounge:
Certified for excellence, Eko Sky Restaurant & Lounge mixes International and Asian cuisines to provide an exquisite journey of taste. Blending a great view of the city, an elegant interior and an indulging food presentation Eko Sky Restaurant & Lounge is a place not to miss.

8-Browns Café and Restaurant:
Ideal for businessmen and families as well, Browns has become a landmark in the restaurant industry in Lagos. It is perfect for breakfast meeting and power lunches and offers a fusion on international cuisines to satisfy diversified tastes.

9- Saffron Restaurant and Bar:
Just from reading its name, Saffron is of one of the most expensive and rarest spices in the world. You can immediately get the idea that Saffron brings you a unique culinary lifestyle. Frequented by celebrities and first-class businessmen, Saffron offers you an eclectic menu of international cultures.

10- La Veranda:
Italian by heart, La Veranda is a high standard restaurant with an amazing setting. With a wide array of dishes like pizza, risotto and penne, La Veranda is a culinary voyage to Italy with a unique and fresh taste.

Of course the list can go on to name more restaurants to enjoy and frequent, but these places should give you an idea to make an informed decision on where to eat next.

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