5 of the best hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria

Best Hospitals in Nigeria | Eko Pearl Towers

There is no need mentioning that health is an issue that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Choosing the adequate hospitals and medical facilities should be a priority.

Lagos provides medical facilities at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, regulated by the federal government, with many hospitals and medical services. The system is divided into public and private sectors.

Among the many hospitals found in Lagos, Nigeria, below are 5 that have been highly rated by various individuals and are worth mentioning.

  1. St. Nicholas Hospital:
    St. Nicholas is one of the most advanced hospitals in terms of modern equipment and facilities. It provides premium healthcare with professional staff and a pleasant environment.
  1. Lagoon Hospital:
    Lagoon hospital offers holistic healthcare services in different medical fields such as pediatrics, psychiatry, cardiology, neurosurgery and many others. In addition, its facilities are fully equipped to keep patients comfortable and satisfied.
  1. Ideal Eagle Hospital
    Ideal Eagle Hospital is one of the most reputed hospitals in Lagos. It offers patients  great medical services that span across different areas of focus, ensuring their prosperity and comfort first.
  1. Eko Hospital:
    Eko Hospital has three locations in Lagos.¬† All its health services are provided for patients’ wellbeing with excellent care. First-class equipments in all the fields are offered.
  1. First Consultants Hospital:
    First Consultants Hospital is a professionally managed hospital that offers services in many areas of medicine. Additional facilities are available like a blood bank, a laboratory, an x-ray and diagnostic centre to make sure everything a patient needs is fully covered.

Of course, there are many other notable hospitals that weren’t included on this list, but these 5 are among the most reputed offering great healthcare and medical services.

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