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Education is probably parents’ priority when it comes to providing the best for their offspring. Nigeria offers education for all residents. The education system is divided into kindergarten, primary education, secondary and tertiary education. The federal ministry of Education ensures quality control over the curriculum and all education-related factors, making sure that students’ needs are not only fulfilled but also exceeded.

Here are 5 of the best schools and best universities to keep an eye on in Nigeria.

Top 5 schools:

Dowen College – Lagos: One of the most respected but expensive private schools in Lagos, Dowen College ensures an exceptional program to all its students. It also encourages various activities like music to help students acquire a complete intellectual package.

Igbinedion Educational Centre: Located in the heart of the ancient historical Benin Kingdom, this school offers first class education and provides students with exceptional opportunities to develop their personalities and have a unique path of success.

Lekki British School: It is a British international school located in Lagos, Nigeria. Its offers preschool, junior school and high school on a high level. Its curriculum is very rich, ensuring a perfect educational journey to all its students.

Greenspring School – Lagos: With a mission to provide education that surpasses differences and judgment, Greenspring helps students achieve a life-long educational success and face the world with confidence. Furthermore, its program focuses a lot on teaching individuals to appreciate societies and work on becoming better human beings.

Regent School – Abuja: Regent school provides students with rich and diversified academic curriculums and opportunities. Its aim is to empower each individual and offer him or her everything they need to be distinguished.

Top 5 universities in Nigeria:

Obafemi Awolowo University: With an international reputation Obafemi Aolowo University offers a dynamic academic program and a unique atmosphere. Its alumni include various international award winners and top achievers.

University of Lagos: The university of Lagos provides students with qualitative and research-oriented education in different fields like humanities, science and business. It is known for excellence in academics that have a great impact on growth and development in societies.

University of Nigeria: Undergraduate and graduate levels are offered in the University of Nigeria with various subjects. Its program aims at pushing individuals to become better persons not only on an educational level but also as contributors in world improvement.

University of Ilorin:  The university developed its programs involving arts, science, education, engineering and technology, business and social sciences and health sciences, as well as natural sciences and law to become a reference in high level education.

Federal University of Technology: One of the top ranking technology universities in Nigeria, the Federal University of Technology offers a wide range of academic disciplines in over thirty departments. It promotes technological advancements to serve global needs in terms of innovation and development.

These schools and universities have been highly rated for their academic programs, social development, and overall performance. Make sure to check them out while scouting for the best educational path for your children.

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