Fun activities to do at home on rainy days

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As lovely as the rain can be, it can also keep people bound to their houses, unable to go outside if the weather is inclement. If you have kids, this concern is even stronger, because it is hard to keep young children distracted in between four walls, especially that they love to run free in the outdoors. However, there are many fun activities you can engage in indoors to keep you and your kids entertained and occupied.

1- Indoor treasure hunt:
Turn your boring and rainy afternoon, into an exciting treasure hunt for the whole family inside the house. You can make use of the different rooms and spaces to make the hunt interesting and intriguing.

2-Family movie time:
There is nothing sweeter than enjoying a nice family movie in the living room. Prepare snacks and popcorn and let yourself and your family be transported in an enjoyable 2-hour adventure.

3-Board games:
Board games can be fun, even for kids, and can distract them from isolating digital gadgets. You can attract them by creating a “prize” for the winner, like a candy bar or a small gift.

4-Get nostalgic:
Seeing old family pictures is a great activity for adults and kids as well. Dive into those old photo albums and remember pleasant and happy moments you have lived together.

5-Drawing contest:
If you have more than one kid, you can have a drawing contest. They will try their best to get creative, and you can reward them with a small enjoyable gift.

6-Reading session:
As a parent, you can grasp the opportunity to make your kids read. If you sit altogether and take turns reading the same story, your children will grow fond of this vital activity, while always being distracted.

We always encourage cooking with your kids. So why not do it on a rainy day? Bake a nice cake or muffins together. You can even create fun shapes for your loved ones to enjoy.

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