Less Screen Time; More Green Time: How to get your children to enjoy the outdoors

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TV watching and smart phone and tablet use, also known as “screen time”, have all been linked to child obesity and other health problems. Children between ages 8 and 18 are said to sit in front of a screen for around 7.5 hours per day. Aside from monitoring screen time, the key is to have children get plenty of outdoor time and exercise. Encouraging “green time” over screen time can be difficult, but here are a few tips:

  1. Children do as we do, not as we say. Lead by example. Be the first to venture out and invite your kids to join you in breathing the fresh air and enjoying the surrounding greenery.
  2. Taking walks outdoors is not just good for the health; it can also be a great excuse to spend time all together, as a family.
  3. Design a scavenger hunt to keep your kids busy for hours. Create clues and hide them around outside for an entertaining and healthy pastime.
  4. Plan your child’s next play date outdoors. A change of scenery and fresh air can build bountiful friendships.
  5. Invest in some light sports equipment, such as bicycles or scooters, to give your children a regular activity to do.
  6. Start playing team sports with your children. Football, Basketball, and other such sports are great for ensuring a regular dose of fresh air as well as teamwork and good sportsmanship.
  7. Try to encourage discovery outdoors by researching the local plants and trees and telling your children about them. The more children know, the more interested they become.
  8. Nighttime is also great for fresh air. Go stargazing as a family and enjoy the view of the beautiful night sky.
  9. Even when it’s raining, fun can be had outdoors. Put on some rain boots and jackets and take a walk to discover what insects emerge in the damp weather.
  10. Teach kids the benefits of more time outdoors, and the negatives of too much screen time. Make it into a learning experience rather than a punishment.

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