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Amazing Facts about Lagos | Eko Pearl Towers

Whether you’re a local, or you’re moving in to Lagos from abroad, knowing a little bit about your surroundings is key to enjoying and seeking out potential. One of the most prominent and up-and-coming cities, Lagos offers so much more than what one would expect. Here are a few amazing facts about the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

  1. Lagos is home to the tallest building in West Africa, NECOM House. This building is 160 meters tall and was built back in 1979.


  1. Nollywood was born in Lagos and is the Nigerian cinema hub. It just so happens to be the third most valuable film industry in the entire world.


  1. The population of Lagos has grown incredibly over the past few decades. In 1970, the population was a mere 1.5 million, and now it has grown to a whopping 20 million.


  1. Just a few years ago, a floating school was built in the Makoko district of Lagos. This school utilizes the wetlands and offers education to children from less fortunate backgrounds.


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  1. Lagos is the second largest city, by population, in Nigeria. It also just so happens to have the second largest population in the entire African continent.


  1. It is one of the major financial districts of Africa, boasting the highest GDP and the biggest port of the region.


  1. The state of Lagos, as opposed to the city of Lagos, is actually the smallest of the Nigerian states.


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  1. The Third Mainland Bridge is 11.8 kilometers long and is the longest bridge in the African continent, located in Lagos.


  1. There are only two season in Lagos; dry and wet. The temperatures range from 32 to 21 degrees Celsius.


  1. Lagos State is made up of 20 separate municipalities scattered across the vast landscape.


  1. Lagos used to be the capital city of Nigeria. As of the year 1992, the capital city is Abuja. It is considered to be the economic capital of Nigeria, while Abuja is the Federal Capital.


  1. Thanks to its central business district, the city of Lagos is said to have one of the highest standards of living.


  1. Music styles such as Fuji, Highlife, Afrobeat, and Nigerian Hip Hop, all originate from Lagos.


  1. Paul McCartney recorded his album “Band on the Run” in a studio in Lagos back in 1973.


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