Exercise is the answer: The benefits of sports and exercising

Exercise is the answer | Eko Pearl Towers

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your body. The health benefits are abundant, and it isn’t just the body that becomes fit, but also the mind. It might be a tiring thought, and it definitely takes plenty of motivation to actually get up and start moving. Making it into a daily routine is the best way to incorporate exercising into your life, and this can be done by a daily walk or jog, or by joining sports such as tennis, basketball, or football.

Goodbye Stress: Stress is a major factor in our daily lives, and it can be very harmful to the mind and body. Getting your body moving can help eliminate stress by increasing the amount of norepinephrine in the body.


Weight Control: Weight control is something many people struggle with, and physical activity is a key factor in controlling body weight. Exercising burns calories, and this is what helps weight loss or maintaining and controlling weight.


Fresh Air & Sunshine: A lot of sports happen outdoors, and this becomes an excuse to enjoy nature and fresh air. Fresh air and a little sunshine can go a long way when it comes to mental health as well.


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A Sharp Brain: With age, our minds can lose their touch. However, exercise can help increase the chemicals in the brain which lend a hand in fighting against brain cell degeneration and keeping the memory and learning capabilities sharp.


No More Anxiety: Calm anxiety with a short jog or exercise routine. This works because the hormones and chemicals produced by the body during and after physical activity help decrease anxiety in the same way they decrease stress.


Control Addiction: During exercise, the body produces a chemical called Dopamine. This chemical works as a response to pleasurable activities, and it brings feelings of happiness and relaxation. The body produces this chemical after fulfilling addictions, but it is also produced after exercising.


Increase Productivity: ┬áIf you’re feeling uninspired, a quick walk or jog could be the answer. Engaging in regular physical activity increases energy by increasing Oxygen intake of the cells, and this helps increase daily productivity thanks to higher energy levels.


Sleep Better: The chemicals and hormones produced during exercise help promote better sleep and sleeping habits. The increase in body heat and the effect on the circadian rhythm help in overcoming some cases of insomnia.


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