The Art of Giving: How to teach your children the act of charity during Ramadan

Charity in Ramadan | Eko Pearl Towers

Charity takes on a major role during the Holy Month of Ramadan, and getting the whole family involved might be challenging when you have children of different ages. What’s most important is to teach them with love and patience.

Hands On: Studies have shown that the best way to learn is to actually do. A hands on approach is the best way to go when teaching children concepts and values. Teaching the value of charity using a hands on technique could comprise having them help you placing the donation into an envelope, or have the older ones help you calculate the amount you are going to donate.

Emotional: Getting children to start a good habit begins with getting them emotionally involved. This can happen by teaching them about the idea of those less fortunate or those affected by wars, or by telling them stories of the good outcome of charity and how it affects the world in a positive way.

Cheerfulness: A major part of charity is giving without expecting something in return, and to always give with a smile. Teach young children this concept by always being in a good mood yourself. Encourage your young ones to smile to strangers and greet elders and neighbors with a happy mood.

Greetings: Charity during Ramadan isn’t just about donating money to the poor. Teach children that charity is a much bigger concept by encouraging them to send letters to neighbors and loved ones and to call elderly family members and friends. Being charitable with positivity and cheerfulness is a major aspect.

Table Manners: Ramadan is a great time to teach young children about good table manners. Charity is involved here by encouraging little ones to not eat more than necessary and to control their manners at the table by waiting for everyone to sit down for the Iftar meal and not nagging. Leading by example is key.

Happy Family:  Another part of Ramadan charity is being happy and content within your family. Teach your children these values by encouraging them to play together and respect each other. Promoting group family activities is a great way to achieve this. Family love is a precious value that will make hearts more tender and home-life very enjoyable.

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