New Tastes: Fruits Native To Nigeria

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Because of Nigeria’s climate, many fruits you might have never heard of grow seasonally in the tropics of this African country. Whether you are a fruit lover, or you just like tasting new things, here are some Nigerian fruits that are a must-try!



This fruit, known as the African Cherry or African Star Apple, is very similar to an orange fig. Rich in Vitamin C, this fruit can be eaten dried, juiced, or fresh when ripe enough. Some people say eating is fresh is the best way to enjoy its authentic flavor.

June Plums


June Plums are rather interesting, with a spiky core that must not be eaten. After removing the spike-filled seed, this fruit can be enjoyed as a dried fruit in food, fresh as a snack, or mixed in with spices to create a savory taste.



This fruit from the Tamarind family is a small, black pod. This pod is peeled or cracked open to reveal the inner, orange pulp, which is sucked out. Of course, the seed is spat out. The Icheku pulp can also be soaked in water to create a sweet and refreshing drink.

Kola Nut


The Kola Nut, aside from having an interesting name, is a very interesting tasting fruit that grows in the rainforests of Africa. Its caffeine content and distinctive taste makes it usable in cola soft drinks as flavoring.

Garden Eggs


Garden Eggs are a slightly bitter, crunchy fruit that come from the Eggplant family. This green miniature fruit is usually served with a peanut-based dip or sauce. Its high fiber-content makes it a nutritious snack choice.



The Baobab fruit, also known as “monkey bread”, is a native fruit of Africa and resembles a small coconut. The pulp inside the hard, outer shell naturally dehydrates. It is eaten dried, as is, after cracking the shell open.

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