The Significance of Love: Teaching kids the importance of Love during the month of Ramadan

Significance of Love | Eko Pearl Towers

Love is a very important part of Ramadan, and integrating certain concepts into daily activities is a great way to involve children and create a wonderful holiday spirit in your home. There are several ways to incorporate holiday values into family life, on a daily basis, while still being fun and exciting for all ages. Mom and Dad might even learn a little something too!

Handmade decorations: There’s no better way to keep children busy than to get their hands and imaginations working. Gather some craft supplies such as colored paper, glue, washable markers, scissors, and ribbon to create handmade, Ramadan-themed crafts that can be gifted to family members and friends to show love and care during the holidays. Try recreating a Ramadan lantern, which you can string lights through to light up your living room this holiday season.

Greetings from the heart: Sending your love to friends and family is a great initiative during the Holy month of Ramadan. In the age of technology, it is a great idea to encourage children to prepare hand-written and decorated letters to send to family members. Help older children write a nicely worded greeting card and remind them of the importance of the cheerfulness and loving spirit of the holiday. Younger children that still don’t know how to write can draw pictures, and you can help them write short, loving messages.

It starts at home: Showing love and compassion towards family members at home is the first step to internalizing the concept. Organize a family fun night at least once a week, and encourage children to play together, despite any age differences. Teaching older siblings patience through playing along with the younger ones is a fool-proof way to incorporate loving vibes into daily activities.

Be kind to others: Be kind and loving to others by volunteering at your local community center or homeless shelter, giving alms to the poor and destitute, or visiting the less privileged and orphanages. This month is a great pretext to begin a habit of helping those less fortunate and those most in need of love and care. Teach kids not to discriminate between wealthy and poor or young and old by acting as an example of charity and compassion.

Make it educational: Instead of just telling children to do something, why not explain to them the reason behind it all. In your own way, share with your family your beliefs and values of Ramadan. Rather than acting with love “because I told you so”, make it into a well-rounded learning experience for the heart and the soul. In that way, when they are older, they can pass down their understanding and stories of their childhood Ramadan.

Let them be responsible: More often than not, young ones are more responsible than adults when it comes to remembering tasks and getting things done on time. Have them lead the daily activities, or remind you when it is time to break your fast. This teaches them to take lead of the family in a loving and caring manner.

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