Animals That Call Nigeria Home

Animals that call Nigeria Home | Eko Pearl Towers

Because of the varied types of environments and habitats in Nigeria, there are many different species of animals that live within the country’s borders. Of course, these animals live far away from the busy cities, but knowing they are around and learning a little bit about them can make your stay in Nigeria just that much more charming and exciting.


Spanning over 923,768 kilometers squared, Nigeria features four different types of habitats: savannah grasslands, mangrove swamps, mountain plateaus, and tropical forests. Each of these habitats offers different land and nutrition choices, and therefore each is home to different species of animals.

Elephants, Crocodiles, Hippopotamuses, Leopards, Cheetahs, and Wild Dogs, among others, call the Savannah Grasslands their home. These areas are characterized by dry, grassy land with plenty of vegetation to go around, as well as rivers and other water sources that serve as watering holes for the animals.


The Mangrove Swamps are areas of forest on the coast, characterized by shrubs and small trees growing in coastal waters. Various reptiles settle there, from snakes to lizards. The Worm Lizard and the Nigerian Crag Gecko are examples of reptiles native to the country.

The Tropical Forest area of Nigeria is actually one of the few worldwide tropical forests remaining today. This habitat features lots of rain and tropical climate that is renowned in Nigeria. The animals that call this land home are tropical birds, for example the native Nigerian Jos Plateau Indigobird, as well as Chimpanzees, and Gorillas.


Throughout Nigeria, there are several national reserves and animal parks, such as The Lekki Conservation Center and The Yankari National Park. These reserves are focused on the preservation of nature as well as the preservation of animals, particularly those native and specific to Nigeria.

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