How to spend more time with your family

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Connecting with family is an essential part of daily life. With today’s busy lifestyles and corporate obligations, it is sometimes difficult to find the energy and time to truly join together as a family and share precious moments that are necessary for maintaining the family bond. Here are some ideas that can help boost your drive and promote the love and closeness you and your family need.

1- Unplug and Communicate:
One of today’s biggest problems is our obsession with technology and screen time. Whether at work or at home, smart phones and tablets, as well as computers, televisions, and video games, are taking up a big chunk of our time. A great one to make more time for family is by making after school and after work time completely technology and screen free. This can help keep work away from family time, and also remove distractions so family is priority. This freed up time will create new and exciting conversations.

2- Family Meals:
With today’s busy lifestyles, many people rarely find the time to sit down for a hearty family meal. Studies have shown that families that enjoy meals together on a regular basis are more likely to be closer and avoid substance abuse as well as earn higher grades in school and show better performance at work. From A to Z, a family meal can be fun. Children of all ages can help prepare the food, which will give them a sense of importance and belonging, while sitting down to eat together gives some special time to discuss the day’s events and any other important things going on.

3- Green Fingers:
Planting and gardening can be the perfect excuse to get fresh air as well as spend valued time together. From watering and weeding to actually planting new flowers and plants, gardening can be a perfect pastime for the whole family to enjoy. This activity can also become a daily or weekly date to look forward to. If the plants yield harvest, this can also be a great family tradition of cooking and eating what comes from the family garden.

4- Read Together:
Reading is one of the most magical activities that can be enjoyed as a family. Choose a book that is friendly for all ages and begin by assigning a specific time every day to sit together and read aloud. If children are young, Mom or Dad can do the reading, but if the children are older, the book can be passed around and everyone can get the chance to practice their reading. This gives a great excuse for everyone to cuddle up and snuggle together for beautiful, cherished bonding moments.

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