Family First: Tips On How To Display Family Portraits Around Your Home

Tips On How To Display Family Portraits | Eko Pearl Towers

The best way to decorate the walls of your home is by using photos of you and your family. Not only does displaying family photos create a warm and loving vibe, but it also is a constant reminder of the beautiful memories and moments you’ve lived together.
Here are some ways you can creatively hang your family memories…

Puzzle Pieces:
Hang 8 identical frames, but vary them horizontally and vertically to create a puzzle pieces effect.

Enlarge 2 or 3 of your favorite photos and have them printed on canvases. Hang them side by side.

Photos don’t have to be hung on the wall; you can easily frame and place your favorite moments on shelves around your home.

Clothes Pins & Line:
An original way to display photos is by setting up a clothes line and attaching the photos with clothes pins.

There are many collage-style frames available out there. You get to choose your favorites, yet still save space on the wall.

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