Interior Color Trends Of 2017: Introduce These Colors Into Your Eko Pearl Home

Interior Colors Trends of 2017 | Eko Pearl Towers

The new year 2017 brings with it some amazing new design and color trends, and we’re sharing them with you to make the best of your Eko Pearl home decor.

1. Blue-Green: This color is serene and brings the beach that much closer to you, into your home.
2. Yellow: A bright sunshine yellow is the perfect touch to for a vibrant and happy lifestyle.
3. Pastel Pink: One of last year’s Pantone Color Of The Year, this shade of Pink is subtle and feminine.
4. Green: An earthy green tone is great for a calm yet bold vibe.
5. Gray: Usually a solemn shade, this color is perfect to accentuate any traditional layout.

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