How To Pack Away Your Christmas Decorations

How To Pack Away Your Christmas Decorations | Eko Pearl Towers

The holidays are over, and it’s time to pack away all the glitter and bows for safe keeping until next year. Here are some ways to easily and safely store and pack away your Christmas decorations.

1. Delicate Ornaments:
Try to keep the packaging that your ornaments arrive in. However, if you’ve already thrown that out, you can opt for bubble wrap or several layers of newspaper. Make sure to label the box “Fragile”.

2. Christmas Tree Lights:
Cut a cardboard into a rectangular shape, cutting notches into each end. Wrap the lights around the cardboard and stick each end into the notch to avoid tangling.

3. Boxes:
When packing your boxes away, make sure to label them so you know what each box contains. Also, try to arrange the boxes by order of what you would need to open first next year. The tree should be at the front for instance!

4. Decorations List:
Start a list detailing all of the Christmas decorations you have in your home. That way, the following year you know what to buy and what you already have on hand.

5. Throw Out:
Don’t overcrowd your storage area for too many decorations. Keep the essentials and get rid of anything that is too old, broken, or not to your liking.

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