Eko Atlantic City Is An Eco Friendly City

Eko Atlantic City Is An Eco Friendly City | Eko Pearl Towers

With all of its luxury and modernization, Eko Atlantic City has also taken into account the need for eco-friendliness and a green touch.

The design and construction of the Great Wall of Lagos provides a state-of-the-art eco friendly solution to stop further coastal erosion and land disappearing from the Nigerian coastline along Bar Beach on Victoria Island.

Eko Atlantic will also have central service systems, which will completely eliminate the need for generators, water tanks, and septic tanks. Additionally, a fully independent and efficient electricity generation plant will provide uninterrupted power supply to the city.

The city’s private sewage treatment plant will also keep the surroundings eco friendly, healthy, and safe with clean water being pumped from the city’s own treatment plants and distribution mains.

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