Back To School Tips For Parents

Back To School Tips For Parents | Eko Pearl Towers

Getting your kids ready to head back to school can be challenging, for them and for you. We’ve put together a short list of tips you can follow to make heading back to school easier.

1. Use a calendar
Print out a calendar, or use the one on your mobile, to write down all orientation and back to school dates. This is especially helpful when you have more than one child.

2. Preplan lunches & meals
Write a list of lunch and meal ideas to make work during the middle of the week easier. This can help you write your grocery list too.

3. Wash & iron clothes
Make sure all your children’s school clothes are washed and ironed prior to the first week of school. This will help you avoid morning chaos.

4. Stock up on snacks
Go grocery shopping before the big day and fill your cabinets with easy, on-the-go snacks. This will make packing lunches much easier.

5. Take a breath
Relax and take a breath before the start of the school year. Stay focused, calm, and on track to avoid disorder.

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