Decorate Your Beachside Home For Christmas

Decorate Your Beachside Home For Christmas | Eko Pearl Towers

Eko Pearl Towers is located just a few minutes away from the beachside, and with the view of the water from your home, there is no doubt that a beach motif would go great for your Christmas decoration.

Spend a sunny day on the beach with your little ones collecting seashells, and use them in your Christmas decor. Pick the white ones and add them to your table or vase.

Rather than sticking with red and green, why not go for different, bright colors such as white, silver, blue, or even yellow. Adding these accents to greenery can create an interesting look.

Wrapping Paper
Even your gifts can be wrapped in a beach-friendly look. Think of using light blue wrapping paper decorated with small sea shells or pieces of sea glass.

Plants & Greenery
You can decorate a beach-side plant or potted palm tree rather than decorating a traditional Christmas tree. Starfish and seashells are great additions to your ornaments.

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