Some Of The Top Nigerian Christmas Dishes

Some Of The Top Nigerian Christmas Dishes | Eko Pearl Towers

Nigerian traditions are very tight-knit and engraved in the country’s culture and heritage. When it comes to the Christmas holiday, the family meal is a main pillar. Here are some of the top Nigerian Christmas dishes you can look forward to…

Jollof Rice
Jollof Rice is a sticky tomato rice prepared in one pot and served on special occasions. It is native to Nigeria and is a local favorite.

Festive Meats
The main dish served during the Christmas holidays in a Nigerian home will be a meat dish, such as turkey, chicken, or even goat.

Vegetable Salad
Nigerian vegetable salad is refreshing and features 5 different vegetables along with baked beans and cream.

A main pillar in the Nigerian kitchen is stew. For Christmas, some families prepare beef stews. Other popular stews are vegetable, chicken, or fish.

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