New Year Traditions From Around The World

New Year Traditions From Around The World | Eko Pearl Towers

Ringing in the New Year is an event that is practiced around the globe. There are so many ways to celebrate the New Year, and we’ve put together some of the most interesting for you to discover.

People shatter their unused dishes on the doors of their friends and family. Many broken dishes at your door is a sign that you have a lot of friends.

In Ecuador, people burn scarecrows and old photographs at midnight in order to bring good fortune.

At midnight, people try to stuff 12 grapes into their mouth at once for good luck in the year ahead.

To bring good fortune and cheer, people dress up and attend masquerade parties, followed by dancing in the streets.

For good luck in the new year, Romanians throw their spare coins into the river.

In Belgium, farmers wish their cows and other livestock a happy new year, treating them as loved ones.

To celebrate the new year, a coin is baked into a cake, and whoever gets the piece of a cake with the coin in it is guaranteed good luck for the coming year.

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