This New Year Teach Your Kids To Go Green

This New Year Teach Your Kids To Go Green | Eko Pearl Towers

With all the talk about global warming, eco-friendliness, and what we can contribute to our planet, it’s a great idea to start teaching our children at a young age how to go green and be better world citizens. Here are three activities to do to teach your kids to go green this new year.

1. Inspect The Outdoors Together
Take your little ones on a walk and show them the beauty of the outdoors: the trees, the flowers, the sky, the soil… Teach them to appreciate the outdoors.

2. Plant A Garden With Them
Whether you have garden space, or you opt for a few planters on your balcony, teach your kids the art of planting and taking care of live greenery.

3. Enjoy Recycling Together Through Arts & Crafts
Gather recycled items, such as bottles and paper, and create some crafts to use as decorations for the fridge. This will teach them the idea of reusing and recycling.