How To Keep Your Kids Healthy During The School Year

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy During The School Year | Eko Pearl Towers

Early mornings and long days filled with studying and staying active – That’s what the school year is made of. Keeping your kids’ performance at its best can be made easier by keeping them healthy. Here is how you can keep your kids healthy during the school year…

1. Test Their Eyes & Ears
Make sure to test their hearing and eyesight to ensure that they are healthy and are maximizing their education.

2. Encourage Healthy Eating
Aside from the occasional sweet snack or fast food outing, encouraging routine healthy eating is essential for keeping your kids fit and well.

3. Exercise As A Family
Staying active as a family can promote an overall healthy atmosphere at home for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

4. Set A Bedtime
Sleep is the way the body resets itself, so sticking to a bedtime for your kids will keep them healthy and give their bodies the tools to stay well.

5. Promote Proper Hygiene
Being around other kids all day can bring in a lot of germs, but the best way to stay healthy is to focus on good hygiene practices, such as regular hand washing and bathing.

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