Nigeria’s Real Estate Future Is Bright

Nigeria's Real Estate Future Is Bright | Eko Pearl Towers

According to experts, Nigeria’s real estate future is a promising one. With its population of around 190 million people, Nigeria is the perfect environment for real estate ventures and growth.

Despite the Government’s small budget of N555.88 billion in 2018 for the Power, Works, and Housing ministry, many projects have been booming and showing a promise of expansion and development.

Mr. Thomas Mundy, Head of Advisory of Sub-Saharan Africa Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, declared in the West Africa Property Investment that 2018 will be a year of consolidation and recovery for the real estate sector in the country.

Eko Atlantic is one of the major real estate projects in Nigeria, being developed on reclaimed land near Victoria Island. 10 million meters square of real estate land makes up the project, offering homes to 500,000 residents and expecting a commuter rate of around 300,000 people.

Eko Pearl Towers is the first completed residential building in Eko Atlantic city.

Eko Atlantic Is A City Like No Other