Eko Atlantic – A Residential Mega Project In Lagos

Eko Atlantic - A Residential Mega Project In Lagos | Eko Pearl Towers

Eko Atlantic City is being developed by City Project Nigeria’s leading real estate investment company, South Energyx Nigeria Ltd. This new city is being developed on Victoria Island and will help provide housing and residential solutions for the housing deficit of more than 7 million units.

Accommodating more than 500,000 people, Eko Atlantic City is protected by a sea wall of 8km in length. It also boasts its own power and water supply, as well as an independent road network.

The UN-Habitat estimates that there will be more people living in towns than in rural areas in the next two decades. This is an immense number, and Eko Atlantic City will be contributing to the solution of this housing deficit by offering a luxurious, technology-driven, modern society for you and your family.

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