How To Stay Healthy During The Rainy Season

How To Stay Healthy During Rainy Season | Eko Pearl Towers

The rainy season in Nigeria means tons of rain and gloomy days, with plenty of high temperatures. It’s important to take care of yourself to stay fit and healthy during the rainy season. Here are some tips you can follow…

1. Follow A Healthy Diet
During the rainy season, the body and digestive system are more prone to infections.

2. Drink Enough Water
It is important to stay hydrated, even if your activity level is regular.

3. Avoid Walking Under The Rain
Always use an umbrella to avoid contact with the rain, as many infections and viral diseases can be water-borne.

4. Follow Your Hygiene Routine
Following a healthy hygiene routine is essential to avoiding infection caused by sweating due to humidity.

5. Increase Your Immunity
Help increase your immunity by taking Vitamin C, present in citrus fruits for instance.

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