Fun After School Activity Ideas For Kids

Fun After School Activity Ideas For Kids | Eko Pearl Towers

After school, kids deserve to let off some steam and have fun after finishing their daily tasks and assignments. Here are some fun after school activity ideas for kids of all ages…

1. Snack Art
Take the time to create some artsy platters when making a snack. You can use fruits and veggies to create flowers, animals, and geometric shapes.

2. Obstacle Course
Set up an obstacle course around your house, where your kids should crawl under tables and jump over chairs in order to get to the end of the maze.

3. Pillow Fort
Build a pillow fort with pillows and blankets in the living room. You can color and read books inside the fort.

4. Finger Paint
Lay out some papers on the kitchen floor and help your little ones use finger paints to illustrate their favorite fairytale or story.

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