Ramadan Crafts For The Family To Enjoy Together

Ramadan Crafts For The Family To Enjoy Together | Eko Pearl Towers

Ramadan is here, and it’s time to join together as a family and enjoy some Ramadan crafts to pass the time and to decorate your home with some loving gestures.

Ramadan Button Crescent Moon
You can hang this decorative crescent moon for Ramadan on your child’s bedroom door to celebrate the Holy Month.
1. Cut out a crescent moon shape from cardboard
2. Cover the crescent shape with spare buttons using glue.
3. Let it dry and then hang it.

Ramadan Charity Money Box
Help your child put together this money box to teach them about helping the less fortunate.
1. Empty a tin or container and cut a hole in the top of it.
2. Decorate it with paper, glitter, or paint.
3. Every day, add some spare change, and by the end of Ramadan donate the money to charity.

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