Choose Your Luxury Style: Personalize the interior design of your Eko Pearl flat

Choose Your Luxury Style | Eko Pearl Towers

Of course, all of the apartments in the Eko Pearl towers feature fully equipped kitchens and central air conditioning, among other amenities, but each apartment, depending on the number of bedrooms, boasts a slightly different floor plan, which leaves room for a more personalized approach. Here are some ideas on styles and motifs to use in your home…

Choose Your Luxury Style | Eko Pearl Towers
Bohemian Style
For a bright outlook, why not go for a Bohemian interior design? It is very “in” , and it goes along great with the relaxing, water-side location of the Eko Pearl towers. To achieve Bohemian style decoration in your home, you should focus on bold hues and colors. You can never have enough prints and patterns. Go for hippie designs, or Middle Eastern patterns, such as Moroccan print or Ikat-inspired patterns.
A wooden dining table with colorful cushions on the dining chairs, that don’t necessarily have to be matching, would be perfect for the dining room, and in the living room, why not go for a colorful, puffy sofa with plenty of pillows that are bright and patterned. Don’t forget to accentuate each room with lots and lots of green plants.

Choose Your Luxury Style | Eko Pearl Towers
Modern Style
If you want to stay more traditional and sophisticated, a Modern interior design is the way to go. Modern style furniture is characterized by straight edges and minimal design. Color palettes are usually white and black, with some earthy tones like beige or brown. Some wooden accents or black metallic accents go along well too.
A dark-colored dining table with straight-backed chairs and defined edges along with a room divider and some stark yet chic frames hanging on the wall would make your home look edgy and modern. For the living room, crisp and austere couches and arm chairs would be perfectly complemented by a few minimal paintings on the wall.

Choose Your Luxury Style | Eko Pearl Towers

Classic Style
Timeless and elegant, a Classic style interior design is always an option. Classic style furniture boasts curves instead of sharp edges and angles, and usually features a mix of wood and fabric. Chesterfield inspired furniture give off an authentic classical vibe. Color palettes can infuse colors such as dark blues and navies, browns and beiges, or other sober color palettes.
For your classic dining room, go for a large, heavy wooden table with matching, grand-looking chairs featuring a mix of wood and fabric. As for the living room, a Chesterfield sofa, chosen according to your classic color palette, alongside some grand, fabric and wood arm chairs would go great with traditional rugs or carpets.

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