Beach Day With The Kids: 5 tips for enjoying a day at the beach with your little ones

Beach Day With The Kids | Eko Pearl Towers

Planning a day at the beach with the whole family can be a challenge. From planning snacks to planning what toys to bring along, things could get stressful. Here are 5 tips to make things smooth, safe, and fun for the entire crew.

1. Sunscreen:
A very basic rule to go by is to apply sunscreen at home, or in the car if the drive is far, before hitting the water and sand. This will help the sunscreen set into your child’s skin, and it will rid you of the hassle of keeping your little one still while they are excited to run for the waves. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen all over after a couple of hours under the sun.

2. Blankets & Stuffed Animals:
Trying to keep toddlers calm in a different environment when they are starting to get cranky and drowsy is tough. To make naptime an easier affair, don’t forget to bring along your child’s favorite stuffed animal or baby blanket. Of course, make sure they are washable first, and if they are not easily cleaned, bring along the next best thing.

3. Timing:
Timing is key when heading for a day at the beach. Starting off early in the morning is a great way to avoid the crowds, grab the best spot, and head home early before traffic and the kids drive you insane. You could also opt for an afternoon at the beach, as sun rays after 4pm are less harmful, and crowds are usually heading home by then.

4. Beach Blanket:
Instead of laying down several individual towels, why not try this impressive trick; Use a large size fitted sheet, placing coolers or heavy objects in the corners. This creates a sort of wall or barrier between the sand and your belongings, and it also gives you a soft, cool area to lay down on and enjoy the sea breeze.

5. Sand-Free Drive Home:
To avoid getting sand everywhere in your car, and to avoid itchy children during your drive back home, bring along a change of dry and sand-free clothes for everyone. Also, use baby powder to remove sand sticking on your little ones’ feet and body; it’s magic! Washing off with bottled water or on-site showers can also help clear away the grime of the beach.

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