Top 5 Indoor Plant Care Tips: How To Keep Your House Plants Thriving

Top 5 Indoor Plant Care Tips | Eko Pearl Towers

Taking care of indoor plants can be easy if you know what you’re doing and you make sure to stay on schedule with watering and weeding. Here are some tips to help you keep your house plants thriving.

Do Not Over Water:
One of the primary causes of dying plants is over enthusiastically watering. Ask your nearest flower shop or plant nursery how often you should be watering your particular plants and stick to a strict schedule.

Plant Babysitter:
Make sure not to forget your plants when you’re off on holiday. You could ask a family member or close friend to stop by your apartment, after giving them your instructions.

Provide Sunlight:
Again, ask your nearest flower shop, but most plants do need ample sunlight, so make sure to place the plants in a room with plenty of sunshine.

Humidity & Temperature:
Most house plants do very well in high humidity, and temperature is ideal at around 20 degrees Celsius. If it is warmer in your home, make sure to check for plant dehydration.

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