Learn All About Nigerian Christmas Traditions

Learn All About Nigerian Christmas Traditions | Eko Pearl Towers

In Nigeria, Christmas is heavily celebrated and enjoyed among families and friends. Here are some traditions which you can notice around during this holiday season…

Christmas Clothes
Parents are accustomed to buying their children new Christmas outfits to be worn on Christmas day in celebration of the holiday.

Trips To The Village
On Christmas day, most of the Nigerian cities are empty because people who lived in the city usually return to their hometowns and villages to visit with their families.

Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve in Nigeria families usually attend Christmas mass and then go home to celebrate with loud music and traditional palm wine.

Christmas Food
The tradition in Nigeria is to have chicken for Christmas lunch; however, some families prepare goat. They also share dishes among friends and neighbors in the spirit of the season.

Carnivals and Parades
For those in Nigeria who stay in the city over the holidays, many colorful parades and Christmas carnivals can be found on every corner.

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