Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Christmas Traditions From Around The World | Eko Pearl Towers

Christmas is celebrated around the world, and it’s fascinating how each country or culture has its own special traditions. We’ve gathered some of the world’s intriguing Christmas holiday traditions for you to learn and share with your friends. What a great conversation starter!

People in Jamaica dress up and dance along at parades and festivals, which happen on the day after Christmas day, Boxing Day.

People in Britain hang mistletoe as decoration in their homes, but kissing under the mistletoe seems to come from ancient Norse mythology.

In Holland, gifts are given to little ones on December 5, rather than on Christmas Day, by Santa Claus who is known in Holland as Sinterklaas.

A special Christmas dish, TurrĂ³n, dating back to the 16th century, is prepared with honey, eggs, sugar, and toasted almonds.

Children receive their gifts on their pillow on Christmas night, and later they enjoy a family meal of fried chicken.

In Ireland, people leave out mince pies and Guinness beer as a snack for Santa Claus on Christmas.

Nigerian families enjoy a Christmas meal with loved ones, serving turkey, beef, goat, ram, or chicken, as well as jollof rice and stew.

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