Let The Kids Join In: How to include children in your dinner party

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Inviting friends and family over for dinner can be a challenging affair, especially when children are involved. However, including the kids in activities and making sure they are happy can make the night go smoother. Here are some tips on how to include children in your dinner party:

Kids’ Table:
Set a kid’s table to give everyone space to enjoy their meal. Use plastic utensils and plates in order to avoid any mishaps, and keep the table near enough to the parents in order to be able to keep an eye on what goes on.

Feed Them First:
Feeding the children first leaves room for the parents to enjoy their meal in peace, and also keeps the hungry little ones happy. After they are done eating, they can play games or watch a movie while the adults enjoy their meal.

Kids’ Meal:
It is essential to make sure no one has any food allergies before planning the dishes. Also, if you are preparing a fancy dish that might not appeal to the young ones, it is a good idea to make something more kid-friendly such as chicken nuggets, pizza, mac and cheese, or mini hamburgers.

Setting up some child-friendly games in advance is a good idea, particularly if you have a big group of kids that might find it difficult to decide on one toy or game to play with on the spot. Board games and toys are great ideas, but make sure to discuss sharing with your children before the guests arrive in order to avoid an embarrassing situation.

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Choosing a movie in advance is a great idea for when the children are starting to get tired out. It is best to pre-approve the family-friendly movie with the other parents before the dinner, just to make sure all parents are on board with the choice and not to conflict with any beliefs or values.

Provide healthy snacks and fruits for the children, like veggie sticks with dips or string cheese, for after and before they eat their dinner. This will keep them busy and will re-energize them after their fun and games.

Set up a playlist for a mix of music including some classics for the adults to enjoy, as well as some pop music at the top of the charts, which kids will enjoy. If the kids have their own playroom or closed off area, set up some children’s music in there and play only kid-friendly music. This will keep everyone in a good mood and get the kids dancing and enjoying their time together.

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