Small tips for hosting a private dinner

Tips for Private Dinner | Eko Pearl Towers

What’s better than having friends and family over for a great gathering? Sharing food, drinks and conversations with your loved ones makes you healthier and happier. Hosting something simple at home is not that difficult, here are some tips that might help you.

Always prepare ahead:
Choose your hardest and most complicated dish and cook it earlier, prepare the drinks, the table set, choose the music and just keep the small preparations for the last minute.

Go with what you know:
Don’t try new dishes or invent new recipes when you’re receiving guests at your place. Cook something you’ve already tried at least once before. If you want to try a fancy new dish to impress them, test it a few days in advance.

Welcome your guests:
When your guests arrive, accompany them to a clear destination, even if you’re busy preparing. Maybe a bar or a table already set with the essentials, so you can go back to the kitchen to finalize what you still have to do. Let it be ready and well prepared so your guests easily find what they want to drink and feel comfortable.

Sweet ambiance:
The music and the lights are here to set a sweet and enjoyable mood. Choose a great playlist that suits the style; you can go with classics everyone is familiar with. If you want something intimate, you can go with a dim candle lit ambiance.

Be present:
Once all your guests are here, don’t go back to the kitchen to prepare, everything must be ready. Don’t abandon them, you should entertain them, feed them and make sure every single thing is ready, and the most important part is spending time with them.

After having a great dinner, dessert, coffee or tea is a must. Don’t end your dinner without serving your lovely guest something sweet and a digestive treat.

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