Keep your family safe: Tips for childproofing your home

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Having a toddler or crawling child is an exciting thing to happen to a family. It is a beautiful stage where baby and parents discover surroundings in a new and thrilling way. Because young children tend to be extra curious and adventurous, it is wise to childproof your home in order to ensure utmost safety for everyone.

1- Electricity


One of the most dangerous things can be electricity, but the fix is easy. Cover all electric outlets with covers specially designed for babies’ safety. Also, educating kids at a young age about not playing with plugs and sockets is essential.

2- Cabinets


Lock all cabinets and drawers in kitchens and utility rooms using child locks that are easy to open for adults, but keep the little ones away. This is especially necessary for knife drawers and cleaning product storage areas. Anything new and shiny is appealing to toddlers, and naturally, they do not understand the dangers and precautions involved.

3- Stairs


Before children learn how to walk properly, stairs are something you would like them to avoid when not under direct parental supervision. The answer is installing some sort of barricade or gate to block access to the stairs. Of course, this hindrance should be easy enough to remove by adults.

4- Plants


Houseplants are beautiful and give your house a nice, personal touch. However, when babies begin crawling and exploring around the house, it is preferable to move such plants as soil and some leaves could be very dangerous if the baby consumes them.

5- Unplug


Hair dryers, irons, and other electric utilities can pose a threat to curious children. Always remember to unplug and store away such electronics and appliances, for the baby’s sake as well as to keep your appliances in one piece.

6- Windows and Balconies


Windows and balconies expose children to a whole new world outside your home which they will probably be very fascinated by, but keeping toddlers away from heights and erasing the risk of falling is necessary. Lock windows and balcony doors, and move furniture, such as chairs and tables, away from balcony and window ledges.

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