5 Things You Can Only Find In Nigeria

5 Things You Can Only Find In Nigeria | Eko Pearl Towers

If you’re accustomed to the products and offerings of Nigeria, leaving and being away from these readily available items might be heartbreaking. Here is a list of 5 things you can only find in Nigeria. Do you agree?

1. Aso Oke/Aso Ofi
This traditional ‘top cloth’ is colorful and specially made for big traditions such as weddings or funerals. There are three major types, deep red (Alaari), light brown (Sanyan, and dark blue/purple (Etu).

2. Jollof Rice
Nigerian Jollof Rice, to be precise, can only be found authentically in Nigeria. This delicious rice dish is a staple in the Nigerian cuisine and culture.

3. Suya
Suya is a delicious street food consisting of barbecued beef or chicken seasoned to perfection with ingredients specifically found in Northern Nigeria.

4. Udu
Udu is a water jug and a musical instrument made from clay. For the instrument, an extra hole is added to the water jug. Its bass sound is overwhelmingly found in Nigeria.

5. Aran
Aran is a silky velvet cloth, usually paired with Aso Oke and characterized by its many available colors, such as red, purple, or brown. It is extremely expensive and therefore only worn by rich Nigerian people.

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