Ramadan Is All About Family: How to spend more time with your family during Ramadan

Ramadan is all about Family | Eko Pearl Towers

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, spending time with family should take precedent over any other after-school or after-work activities that you usually take part in. It may be hard to rearrange your schedule and routine in order to fit in time with family and loved ones, but it is essential for a well-rounded Ramadan. Here are some ways you can spend more time with your family during this Holy month.

Cook together: Preparing the daily Iftar is a great way to bond with your family members. It is also a great time to teach your children family recipes and pass down family cooking wisdom. Have the older family members help in the kitchen, while getting the younger ones to set the table and decorate the dining area.


Eat together: Iftar is most enjoyable when shared with family and friends. Even with children of different ages and different responsibilities, it is a great initiative to have the family get together every night for a family meal to break the fast and enjoy sharing special things that happened throughout the day. Even if the meal is not a huge affair, it is nice to spend those quality moments with each other.


Family visits: Ramadan is not just about your immediate family; it is also a great time to gather together with extended family. Prepare a schedule, and follow it weekly. Have your spouse and children get dressed up and go all together to visit aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins to spread some holiday compassion and love.


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Bedtime stories: There are many Ramadan-themed stories that can be fulfilling spiritually and emotionally. Gather your family in one room and read these stories before bed. It is a great way to spend extra time together, as well as keep the Ramadan spirit alive in your home. If everyone gets in their pajamas first, it’s even better!


Watch TV: Television might not be your go-to source for family-time, but during Ramadan, many TV channels broadcast special family shows and religious programs. Find out what will be airing on your local channels this Ramadan season and make a schedule to follow a few nights a week. After watching the show, you can have a discussion with your family about the topics tackled in each episode.


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