You don’t have to postpone your trip: Tips for travelling on a budget

Travel on a Budget | Eko Pearl Towers

Travelling and discovering new countries and cultures is the best experience one could ever get. Of course, travelling is usually expensive, so most people think that having a memorable vacation with their loved ones once in a while isn’t always affordable. However, it is not always the case. Here are some tips for having a wonderful trip while saving some money.

  1. Flights:

Buying your ticket is by far the most expensive thing. The trick is to reserve your flight ticket in advance and look for better offers.

  1. Rooms:

Book online and earlier, or split a room with a partner so you can pay half the price. You can also camp or rent a studio with a couple of friends.

  1. Early reservations:

When you plan your trip, decide earlier on all the places you will visit and find the best offers online for your reservations so you can go fully prepared.

  1. Contacts:

Make friends wherever you are, they can help you find cheap restaurants and affordable events, or even invite you to stay at their place for a certain period of time. They can always give you suggestions too.

  1. Buses:

Take the bus; even if it’s slower than trains, it’s always cheaper. You can also walk around so you can enjoy the beauty of the city or even rent a bicycle.

  1. Food:

Avoid eating out, you can try the country’s food of course but also try to cook for yourself when you have free time, it’s cheaper and quite fun. Avoid touristy restaurants and eat where the locals do.

  1. Souvenirs/Shopping:

You’re there for the adventure, so avoid wasting your time with shopping and souvenirs. Take a lot of pictures and enjoy every moment.

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