Tourism in Nigeria: 6 must visit places

Tourism in Nigeria | Eko Pearl Towers

When it comes to tourism, Nigeria’s wildlife, nature and beautiful sceneries, offer people various locations and places that are worth visiting. Not only are they feasts for the eyes, but they also teach a lot about the Nigerian culture and its history.

Here are some notable places to mention:

1-Taiwo Olowo’s Monument


Located in Lagos Island, this monumental site is where you will find the tomb of the late business icon Chief Daniel Conrad Taiwo. A public touristic area for everyone to visit, it is also a place where many festivities are held.

2-Tafawa Balewa Square


Tafawa Balewa is a busy central square located in Lagos Island, used for celebrations and festivities as well as National events. This is where the city’s memorials and statues are located, as well as statues of gargantuan horses, the Remembrance Arcade and the 26-storey Independence House. The square was named after Nigeria’s first prime minister.  It is a perfect location that blends culture, history, and tourism.

3-Olumo Rock


Olumo Rock is located in Ogun State, and is home to numerous caves and shrines. Its rich historical and religious roots are of high importance to the people of Nigeria. Tourists can reach the top of the rock and enjoy a fascinating panoramic view of the entire city of Abeokuta and the Ogun River.

4-Yankari National Park


For wildlife tourism enthusiasts, this park has become the most developed wildlife park in Nigeria. It is known for its diversity of animals such as elephants, crocodiles and hippopotamuses as well as its natural beauty that is a testimonial to Nigeria’s unique environment.

5-Owu Falls


Located in Owa-Kajola, Owu Falls is the most beautiful natural waterfall in West Africa and a well known place in the country’s world of tourism. Visitors can indulge in a unique experience of breathtaking beauty and embrace the outdoors.

6-Alok Ikom Monoliths


Located in Cross River State, Alok Ikom Monoliths features 300 stones carved with images and texts facing each other in circles. Not only does this place inspire pure beauty but also magnificence and originality.

Tourism in Nigeria is a world that takes you to places and sites that are guaranteed to attract you and impress you. The next time you are in Nigeria make sure to visit some of the locations mentioned above for unforgettable experiences.

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