Benefits of living by the sea

Benefits of Living by the Sea | Eko Pearl Towers

Living by the ocean is not only a luxury; it also carries many benefits. The human body, mind, and soul all get pleasure from seaside living.

Vitamin D
Living by the beach typically means taking in plenty of sunrays daily. The sunshine reflects off of the water and sand and bounces right back to provide Vitamin D which boosts the immune system, strengthens bones, and gets the endorphins running through the body for that extra happy mood.

Salty Air; Salty Water
Next time you take a deep breath by the sea or go for a swim, remember the salty environment isn’t just for fun. Salt water is perfect for the skin, as it gives the immune system a push and helps with circulation. It also contains Magnesium, which is a natural relaxer of muscles. Inhaling the tangy air helps people with asthma and other respiratory related problems, and Hydrogen ions in the atmosphere help the body absorb Oxygen and stabilize the body’s Serotonin levels, leading to reduced depression.

Key To Relaxation
Looking at a coastal view, even from the comfort of your own home, can lead to feelings of relaxation. The serene sound of the waves and the beautiful colors of the setting sun can all help induce a sense of calm and promote mental health.

Surrounded By Sand
For children, playing with sand can be very healthy and fulfilling for the imagination. There are endless possibilities for what can be created with sand, which opens up a child’s imagination to things such as sand castles and mud pies. Working with sand also helps strengthen muscles and hand eye coordination, as well as small muscle control.

Beautiful Skin
The beach is the perfect place for a free facial and skin treatment. The sand is a great way to exfoliate skin of the feet, hands, and body. The coarse sand particles will you give your skin that new shine. The salt water detoxifies the pores of the skin by getting rid of toxins and other microbes, and it also works as an antibacterial due to the iodine.

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