8 of the best resorts and beach destinations in Nigeria

Beach Destination in Nigeria | Eko Pearl Towers

Some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts are found in Nigeria, where you can enjoy picnics, swimming, dancing, water sports, and of course relaxation. Located in the coastal regions of the country, these beaches offer you a clean and breathtaking environment.

1-Tinapa Business Resort


Business and leisure are both provided in this resort because it has an exhibition area for trade fairs and other events. To take a break from life, entertainment is offered through a casino, movie theaters, a nightclub as well as restaurants and pubs.

2-La Campagne Tropicana beach resort


Located in the commercial hub of Nigeria – Lagos, it is so popular because of its unique natural environment. Featuring a fresh water lake, mangrove forest, a savannah and a sandy beach, it is surely a resort not to miss. Safety and security are ensured so you can enjoy your quality time with you family and friends. Hiking, hunting, horse riding, canoeing, ocean water fishing, aqua aerobics, beach volley, beach soccer and spa treatments are also provided for a holistic experience of fun.

3-Tarkwa Bay Beach


Tarkwa Bay Beach is an excellent place for fishing and surfing and enjoying delicious food and drinks. The water is calmer than other places and the fine sand is much more comfortable because the bay is manmade, and is accessible by boat. For water sports fans, Jet Skiing and Water Skiing are highly enjoyable at Tarkwa.

4-Atican Beach


This is a private beach located in Lagos, with white sand and a clean environment. It is perfect for families as it provides a place to stay and a great restaurant. Furthermore, private parties can be hosted with friends. A live band performs every Friday night, so you can have fun, dance and enjoy live music.

 5-Coconut beach


Located in Badagry town in the western side of Lagos, Coconut is a beautiful sandy beach surrounded with coconut plantations. It is a beautiful destination for unwinding and enjoying a relaxing experience.

6-Victoria beach or Bar beach


Located on Vitoria Island, it is a long beach known for its sand bars which gives it a unique feature. Activities like horseback riding and football are provided, adding to the special character of this beach.

7-Oniru Beach

If you’re looking for peace and calmness, Oniru beach is the perfect place to be. It is located on Victoria Island, and provides bars for a calm and beautiful night.

8-Eleko Beach


An old beach where you can enjoy an amazing barbecue prepared for you and your family, Eleko is clean and quiet, and offers sport activities for everyone, as well as a small art market.

Nothing is more pleasant than spending a good day at the beach, enjoying a cool drink or the refreshing water with family and friends. Nigeria offers endless beautiful resorts and beach destinations. Make sure to visit some of the locations listed above for a unique and enjoyable experience.

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