Best places for your kids’ entertainment in Nigeria

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Most parents who have kids are always looking for new and exciting places to take their children to, to spend quality time and have a god time. Nigeria is home to great and unique destinations where both you and your kids can have fun and break the daily routine.

Tinapa Business Resort:


Although its name implies a very corporate environment, you will be surprised to know that Tinapa is a great place for both you and your kids. It features a movie theater, an arcade center, in addition to amazing and fun waterslides. Tinapa also contains great restaurants and pubs. It is indeed a full package for all the family.

Location: Near Calabar Free Trade Zone

Yankari National Park:


Opposed to Tinapa’s, Yankari’s name is a child magnet by itself. Your kids will enjoy watching a variety of animals like hippos, elephants, and many other wild animals in this reserve. It is the biggest natural reserve in Nigeria and features a breathtaking natural river.

Location: Bauchi State

The Benin City National Museum:


Both educational and fun at the same time, The Benin National Museum is beautiful and is a great place to educate your kids about the Benin Kingdom. It features a wide number of artifacts like iron pieces and bronze figures among them. It is both a feast for the eye and the mind.

Location: Benin City

Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens:


Think of Jhalobia as the real life Neverland. With huge green spaces, gardens, waterfalls, and many other natural beauties and activities, kids will want to camp there for good. They can run and play, while you relax or wander around, always keeping an eye on your kids.

Location: Lagos

Liam and Noel’s BookClub:


If your kids are avid readers, or you want them to be so, then Liam and Noel’s book club is the right place to take them. With colorful interiors and a myriad of insightful and fun books, your kids will be begging you to take them back there in a heartbeat.

Location: Lagos

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