The Importance of Walkability: Eko Pearl Towers Offers A Healthy Outdoor Environment

The Importance Of Walkability | Eko Pearl Towers

One of the main highlights of Eko Pearl Towers is the walkability and fresh, outdoor spaces made available to residents. Having access to outdoor spaces, green areas, a natural environment, and fresh air provides many benefits. Read on to find out how Eko Pearl Towers’ outdoor spaces can benefit you and your family…

Having a natural environment to spend time in provides an opportunity for neighbors to socialize and meet each other on a regular basis.

Walking is a perfect and easy form of cardio which helps lower cholesterol levels and prevent and control high blood pressure.

Exercise Is The Answer

When your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, your body starts to produce Vitamin D which is necessary for the maintenance of bones and teeth.

Fresh Air:
The scent of fresh air can boost your mood and possibly even provide higher levels of Oxygen which sharpens your mind and cleans your lungs.

Benefits Of Living By The Sea

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