The Perfect Color Schemes For Ramadan

The Perfect Color Schemes For Ramadan | Eko Pearl Towers

Ramadan is about family, giving, and love, but you can also use it as a time to spruce up your home and decorate according to the season’s color schemes. Think about adding some pillows, tableware, or carpets to your home. Here are the colors to incorporate…

Earth Colors – Browns, Beiges, Reds, and Tans are all Earth hues that you can add into your home this season to bring out the spirit of Ramadan.

Purple – Dark (Murex) Purple is a great color to incorporate into your home during the Holy Month. Here’s a fun fact: the color was first used by ancient Phoenicians.

Silver – Silver accents are a perfect cherry on top of your Ramadan decor. Choose tableware with silver rims and some place mats threaded with silver accents.

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