3 Ramadan Crafts To Make With Your Family

3 Ramadan Crafts To Make With Your Family | Eko Pearl Towers

The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us, and it is time to think about spending more time with family and creating quality memories together. One way to do this is by enjoying some arts and crafts time with your little ones, including friends and extended family if you’d like. Here are some ideas to go for…

Paper Lanterns
Making paper lanterns is easy. All you need is: 2 pieces of different colored paper, scissors, pencil, and a stapler. Start by cutting off 2 strips from one of the papers. Next, fold the other piece of paper in half to form a rectangle. Draw equal dotted lines along each side of the fold, leaving a few centimeters at the end, and cut through these lines without cutting all the way to the end of the paper. Roll up both papers, the cut one and the intact one, and staple them into cylinders, then staple the intact one inside the cut up one. This creates a lantern shape which you can decorate with markers or other odds and ends.

Ramadan Candles
Ramadan candles are the perfect accent for your dining table. You will need: different sized candles, faux jewels and gems, a pen, and craft glue. Start with a candle of any size you wish, and trace the design you would like to make with a pen. Next, dab small drops of glue wherever you traced your design. Place the decorative gems and jewels on top of the glue and leave to dry. The final result is a beautiful candle worth lighting over Iftar.

Ramadan Festive Moon & Star
To create this decorative craft, you will need: a paper plate, paint, ribbon, colored paper, foam letters (to spell out R-A-M-A-D-A-N), a stapler, and scissors. Start by cutting out a crescent moon shape from the paper plate and paint it the color you’d like. Next, cut out a star from the colored paper. After doing this, stick the foam letters onto the crescent shape to spell out “Ramadan”. Finally, attach the end of the ribbon to the star with a stapler, and attach the crescent moon shape a little further up to create a hanging moon and star design. You can hang this craft at your front door to spread well wishes.

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