Nigerian Wedding Traditions

Nigerian Wedding Traditions | Eko Pearl Towers

Weddings are a joyful event which bring together two families and make them into one big, happy family. Nigerian culture holds many different Wedding Traditions, and whether they are still in practice with all families, we couldn’t tell you. Nevertheless, they are very interesting to ponder!

1. Two different wedding ceremonies are held, so it’s two times the fun. One ceremony is religious, while the other is cultural.

2. There is no strict guest list; people from all over the village could show up, and it’s an open party.

3. In the Igbo tribes, the bride’s family provides the groom with a list of pricey items to be purchased as a dowry for
their daughter. If he can’t get the items on the list, the wedding is cancelled.

4. Traditional wedding dress for the bride is very bright and colorful colors, although now some women opt for the westernized white wedding dress.

5. Nigerians throw money at the bride on her wedding day in celebration and as a gift.

6. Nigerian men are not allowed to marry before their older brothers.

7. The bride and groom’s families typically dress in matching colors and fabrics as a wedding theme.

8. Nigerian brides’ mothers and their friends prepare the catering and food for the wedding celebration.

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